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Livia Land

Bathroom Design Ideas for the Elderly

October 22nd, 2010 at 20:46

When reaching a certain age many people find getting around the bathroom may not be quite as easy as it once was. Independence in the bathroom can be maintained so do not think that the bathroom cannot stay contemporary when adapted for easy mobility. If searching for an easy accessible bathroom product for a loved one or yourself, it may be useful to keep certain bathroom products in mind.


The most popular way to enhance easy access in any bathroom is too replace the bath. Walk in enclosures with bespoke shower trays are the next best thing. Walk in Enclosures are a simple way to provide a spacious washing area. The ranges of sizes available on the market are perfect to replace a standard bath size of 1700 x 700mm and smaller sizes if you wish to downsize. If you are opting for a wet room then a glass shower panel is another clever method of creating your very own bespoke enclosure. The panels are great for wheelchair access as there are flexible sizes available. One straight panel will give your bathroom a modern feel whilst reflecting light around the room. The panels can be used in conjunction with or without an end panel depending on your personal requirements. The shower tray to use with the panel may be a concern as the standard 80mm in height may be too high. If this is an issue for yourself then maybe consider a designer low profile tray which will half the standard height to just 40mm. This shower tray may be of use to you when suffering from medical issues that affect your mobility. A glass panel is great when cleaning becomes an issue as there are no hidden corners. The height of the panels means that cleaning can be undertaken quite easily in comparison to a traditional bath which means a lot of bending and twisting. Many people like a bath because it gives them a chance to relax and unwind. If you are getting rid of the bath and worry about standing for a long amount of time then purchase a shower seat to compromise. Attaching to the wall it can be placed anywhere inside the enclosure or wet room, so you have the best of both. The products and slippery surfaces produced in the bathroom can be quite daunting; so consider installing a grab rail for support to put your mind at rest. In terms of bathroom suites try to obtain suites that have higher height WC’s and wall hung basins. Look out for bathroom taps with single levers which are easier to operate rather than the traditional design.


Although everyone’s individual needs are different these are just a few simple products which may help your bathroom to be more accessible for you to enjoy your time spent in your bathroom.

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