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Livia Land

How to Profit in Your Bathroom

December 20th, 2010 at 0:43

Power of Showers

Showers will be more popular than baths with over 70% of people preferring showers over a long bathe. If there is enough space make sure at least one bath is still installed as people prefer to have the choice. Electric and Mixer showers are popular choices for a powerful showering experience.


Add a Bathroom


Adding an extra bathroom can be beneficial to a larger property. In a smaller house don’t just add extra bathrooms that may be a hindrance to the size of the bedrooms. Lofts are a great way to enhance your properties value by adding an extra bathroom it can increase your properties value by up to 9 per cent.




Replace tired and worn accessories, do not leave it for another year. Bathroom tap, showers and radiators are a great place to start. Tiny adjustments may make all the difference.


Less is more


Your bathroom décor is crucial, keep it clean cut and simple. White is the ideal choice keeping the space relaxed and fresh. Regrouting the tiles and sealing the bath again will add to the finishing touches that really count. When using paint select beiges and creams so that it doesn’t overpower the room and destroy the peace.


Bathrooms of 2009


Combining both natural and high-tech elements will be the main design feature of 2009. Waterproof televisions and whirlpool baths will be a great hit this year. Make sure you find the balance of both a minimalist yet simple bathroom design, remember not to overpower people with your personal designs. Bathrooms are a great investment for the future of your property.


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