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Kids Bedroom Decorating Tips | Child Bedroom Decorating Tips

October 17th, 2010 at 5:12

When you are decorating a bedroom, your aim is to create a space that is a tranquil haven that you can relax in. Since the bedroom is primarily used for sleeping, having a color scheme that is not too loud or jarring is always a good idea. Having said that, there are many people who would like to have a colorful and dramatic bedroom. If you are one of those people, do design and decorate your bedroom according to your design sensibilities. There is no rule that says that color schemes for bedrooms should only be in light pastel colors. However, make sure that the colors you use are harmonic and go well with each other. Here we are going to discuss about bedroom color schemes that will make your bedroom look beautiful.Paint Color Schemes for Bedrooms Before choosing color schemes for bedrooms, you should know more about the different colors. There are three primary colors which are red, blue and yellow. The primary colors are the most important colors as they cannot be made by combining different color pigments. The secondary colors are orange, green and purple which are created by mixing the primary colors in certain proportions. Finally, there are six tertiary colors which are formed by mixing the secondary colors. Colors which are in the same family like red, orange and pink look harmonious together. Opposite colors like red and green are also harmonious although they are mostly used for creating a dramatic statement. In addition to this, every color has a different hue or shade going from very dark to very light. Lighter shades of yellow, blue and green are some of the best paint colors for bedrooms. Cool colors like green and blue have a very soothing and calming effect, making it the ideal bedroom color scheme. Neutral colors like beige and tan are also good color schemes for bedrooms, particularly, when accented with white or off white. Choosing interior paint colors for bedroom is a tricky task, and you should do it with care. Color Schemes for Small Bedrooms If you have a small bedroom, do not despair. A small bedroom can also look great, provided you choose the right bedroom colors. Light colors like soft yellow, eggshell blue, peach, lime green and ivory white are good bedroom color schemes. These colors reflect maximum amount of light, giving the bedroom an airy and spacious look. If you want some vibrant color in your bedroom, try painting one of the walls of your bedroom in sunny yellow, orange, purple or a deep teal. Bedroom wall color ideas include painting one of the walls a deep color and keeping the rest of the walls a neutral color. It makes the bedroom look inviting without seeming too tiny. You can even paint the ceiling of your bedroom in a deep jewel hue, to add some interest to the bedroom.Modern Color Schemes for Bedrooms When you are aiming for a very avant-garde and contemporary look for your bedroom, then you need modern color schemes for bedrooms. One very good modern bedroom color schemes is to choose purple and gray. Both these colors work very well together and they will give your bedroom a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance. Purple is often overlooked as a paint color for bedroom, but it can give your bedroom a look of modernity like no other color. Aiming for a minimalistic look? Then you cannot go wrong with a bedroom color scheme of coffee, chocolate and cream. These wall colors for bedroom are chic and stylish without being garish. Decorating bedroom trimmings, upholstery, curtains and drapes in the same color scheme will give the bedroom a harmonious look. Another good color schemes for bedroom that is modern, is the black and white color palette. Black and white bedroom ideas and color scheme can be brightened up with bursts of colors in the form of bright colored rugs, pillows and cushions.Color Schemes for Kids Bedrooms A kids bedroom should be cheerful and a good bedroom color scheme helps you in achieving that. A combination of pink, orange and yellow paint colors make a good color schemes for boys bedrooms. Another good color schemes for boys bedrooms is green with brown and blue with green. Green and yellow and pink with white are good color schemes for girls bedrooms. Remember to consult your kids, before painting their room. Many kids have specific likes and dislikes regarding colors, and you should know them before choosing paint colors for kids bedroom.

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