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DJA Properties LLC How to sell your Inherited Property

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

How To Sell Your Inherited Property

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? This is devastating enough without the hassles of settling the estate. Once you have inherited, any taxes that have accumulated must be paid before you can sell any of the estate property. Laws on estate sales vary from state to state. This makes selling inherited property difficult at best. If you need help with the sale of inherited property look to DJA properties LLC.

DJA properties LLC pays cash for your inherited home. They are licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Do you have lien or title problems because it was not put in the will? You might also checkout if the property has an insurance, which is also one of the items the lawyer firm will confirm.

Selling inherited property can cause headaches for family members. Sometimes it feels like a white elephant just waiting to crush you. Are you having trouble selling because of no equity? They will buy no matter what shape your property is in and charge no commission fees.

They will come and clean out the property. Dealing with the emotional upheaval of a death in the family is hard enough. There is no need to bang your head against a wall over selling inherited property. Visit some agent company and they will take your headache away. You will have a quote in as little as twenty-four hours. No need to worry over those tax bills.

Estate laws complicate the sale of inherited property. You do not need to worry about this. You have enough to do to put yourself back together. The rest of your family needs you to be there for them also. After the funeral is over, life goes on. You have to deal with bankbooks and personal property your loved one left behind. When there is not enough cash to keep up with the bills and you have to find money fast, let DJA properties LLC help. They make selling inherited property problem free.

They handle all the paperwork so there is no hassle for you. You do not have any closing costs to pay. Selling inherited property is time consuming and problematic. Start putting your life back together. Don’t let the sale of inherited property give you a headache.
When you need to settle an estate but do not know how, DJA Properties LLC can help you. Give them a visit today and be worry free by tomorrow.

Property Management on the Gold Coast

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

The sixth most populous city in Australia, Gold Coast, has much to offer property investors and potential tenants. Due to its sunny climate and major tourist attractions, it is not surprising that people are increasingly intent to migrate, transfer, or temporarily residing in the country surfing the horizon and life night. And this is a good property management on the Gold Coast comes in. Whether you’re an owner or prospective tenant is entitled to property management is so important. The purpose of the relationship must be trust and credibility are all the more so spoke to you and your family at home, which is his. Property management is a great way for the owner of the house to rent the house easily without having to go through the rigorous process of advertising, showing property, many prospective tenants, selection and paperwork.

Property Management on the Gold Coast is bound by a set of rules. Make sure you hire the company you are planning to have a certificate of registration / Office of Fair Trading registered. The person must have successfully completed the REIQ Course Registration. Be careful, because your credentials will have on the care of the property management of your money. Similarly, duties and taxes that go with the service of reading all the hidden fees.

All the promotions of the rental is required as the actual advertising, word of mouth and the representation of the house during the inspection and proper maintenance of the task of a property manager eligible.

Property Management on the Gold Coast is a task for those who can at least provide agencies and maximize returns for owners. The Property Manager,

* handles all lease applications

* perform background checks on tenants the most qualified potential

* provide guidance on what the owner of rules and guidelines regarding the use of the house, the application

* any restriction you give the correct sentence if he is injured and

* collects payment at the end of the day.

So be careful when choosing a property management system on the Gold Coast. Find someone who knows and loves the coast, a long-term property investors and tenants, and particularly looking for someone whose sole job is to manage the properties.


Property Vertical – a One-stop Guide to All Your Real Estate Requirements

Monday, January 17th, 2011

The rising Indian economy has led to the prosperity of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.propertyvertical.com”> real estate sector in India.</a> The real estate in India has grown as one of the most attractive investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors. Indian real estate has great potential demand in almost every sector, but especially commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, healthcare and so on.

Nowadays, many online portals are popular on the Web for real estate professionals to market their services to home buyers and sellers. These portals are constantly trying to make the process of Indian property transactions more conducive, transparent and stress-free.

An online portal called www.propertyvertical.com provides an environment where the entire property community including agents, sellers, buyers, tenants, banks, attorneys and so on can freely interact to the benefit of the industry as a whole.


PropertyVertical.com provides complete listing of real estate agents, brokers, construction companies in and around Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of India. The website has a comprehensive yet user-friendly design that facilitates easy and effective property transactions. It also provides a customized interface across property categories making each listed property unique. This real estate portal also provides services in US to serve the NRI clients thus maintaining a multinational base.


As an internet property dealer, PropertyVertical.com provides you with property listings in all residential and commercial sectors as well as agricultural and industrial land too. Here all the property related listings are continuously updated and maintained, to provide you with latest and accurate information. The portal also provides photographs of property listings packed with information so that you can make personalized selections. Their typical property services include property evaluation, marketing and advertising the property, finding a qualified tenant, buyer, preparing leases and helping in property transfers and so on.


Being a property management portal, PropertyVertical.com is dedicated to develop effective solutions to cater your varying property needs, serving as a one-stop guide to all your real estate requirements. With excellent service and support, this online portal is constantly working to regulate the Indian real estate market through this virtual platform.


Propertyvertical is different from other Real Estate Portals – We are not just a Real Estate Portal – but we ourselves are <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://www.propertyvertical.com”>Real Estate Advisors/consultants. </a>Propertyvertical does not put property of an online advertiser on website but markets and sells a property of a seller. We upload a property only after checking all credentials etc. and we ourselves are selling those properties. Whereas other Real Estate Portals are just providing platform for individual buyers/dealers to sell their properties.


How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Property Management Company in the Oc

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

In Southern California, especially Orange County property management is an important aspect of investing in real estate.


The profitability of your property is dependent on hiring a qualified helpful and professional property management company. Hiring the wrong management company can mean losing thousand of dollars, or more. Property owners who hire the right OC property management company however, can enjoy the benefits of a lucrative property investment. Some of the most common, and often, detrimental mistakes a property owner makes is not doing enough research. The more research you do, the more you can avoid hiring a bad management company.


Property management companies that also sell properties, often nation wide corporations like Century 21, etc. are often a bad idea. They usually are primarily real estate agents, who also do property management because they want to manage when you choose the sell the property. A property management company like this is not a good idea because they make more money selling than managing. You would benefit more from a smaller, specialized company that deals only with property management in your area and nothing else.

For example, if your property is in Huntington Beach, you should try to find a local expert Orange County property management company that has a much experience in the local area only. Make sure you check the references of your management company’s other clients. Don’t be afraid to make a few phone calls, and get a good track record. You shouldn’t sign anything before you have a good idea that the company you’re hiring is the best at property management in Orange County and one that you can trust. On the other hand, as an owner, you shouldn’t be too demanding of references either. A good property management company will not release all of their clients’ information to you,


because it is private and confidential information. The management company won’t be making an obscene amount of money managing your property, so they can always tell you to take your business elsewhere if you are being too much of a pain. You will do well with around 3 references to talk to, and get an idea of how they work with their clients. Some other things to keep in mind: Is the company licensed in the state of California? Is the company insured? Do they have a fidelity bond to protect you in case an employee mishandles your money? Will they provide you with reports? Will they market your property? How do they deal with late charges? How do they handle tenant complaints? And so on. These are some tips for making sure you hire a good property management company that will professionally and efficiently manage your property, helping you turn your home/apartment/condo/commercial property into a steady investment.

When investors return the money today? Where can you find 10% + return on assets?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

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With my real estate markets during the current correction from their peak in 2006-2007 in most developed countries, and savings rates at all time low, investors have significant liquidity to the research performance of their funds than ever before. The days of investments are done in anticipation of capital growth, investment must “stack” now in the direction of cash flow from Day 1 This does not mean, capital values ​​are ignored, far from there. Investors are increasingly stable investment, returning a measurable and regularly. Markets should be in a sort of equilibrium in terms of supply over demand values ​​and stable capital. In many respects, therefore, conditions are back to normal in many ways for owners of heavy portfolio.

So where are the returns investors are looking for today? Work on the team Proventure, we get to talk every day of return of investors around the world and it is interesting to relate these trends in their strategies. We hear that investors put their hard earned money in the past, and where and why they seek to invest in the coming years. Inevitably, many investors we talk about investing in Germany as a location for the next few years concentrated, since this is our main area of ​​operation as a real estate consultant. But still, we’re talking about investment in Eastern Europe and other parts of Western Europe and the U.S. as sites of viable investment projects. compare

Let’s for a small number of different markets and find investors for the draw at this stage that the business cycle.


What an interesting market to look to as we write this text, in August 2010. The U.S. is home to the raw capitalism, and repression is the real estate market in the same way that money and stock markets. Despite the assets in question to people’s homes and security, they seem depreciation lasts more exposed than other countries, and that brings pain and misery for the screening and inevitably lose opportunities for investors.

From a historical perspective on the market, we see that the United States generally had an average level of the property between 1960-1990 about 60%. homeownership is a realistic aspiration for many, but not a necessity, as in other markets such as Great Britain or Spain, where prices have been their own use more than 85-90%. This resulted in most places to invest in a stable market and a supply of tenants in the short and long term. The credit bubble of 1996-2006, everything changed.

During the period of low interest rates could be sectors of the population who aspire to own property is not already on the stage of their life, if at all affordable on the market “teaser” ready for the early years of the loan but the loan rates crippling back to normal commercial terms or better. to pay for this greed parts of creditors and their shocking lack of precision in the capacity of individuals, has had an impact now famous worldwide. Currently, 14% of the population behind in his mortgage payments or in foreclosure. There is an average and some markets are twice that rate. It’s 9 million households in trouble, double the households are sitting on negative equity. So where are we, and the United States earned a spot Investment Research? It is safe to say that the market is still largely devoid of confidence and decreases were almost all areas felt. But there are areas that have suffered sharp decline, as they?

justified Well, the U.S. has a huge market. Let us focus on a city, Orlando [Florida] as a case study.

Orlando area derives much of its economic power of tourism, business conventions, media and research tech-hello-dollar gray or retiring to the warmer climates of several northern states or abroad. The real estate market has increased with the dramatic increase in population of 30% in the last ten years alone. Typical of this region have closed and the evolution of condominiums is growing mainly in the south of the city and spread at an alarming rate in the country was empty. The city is well connected to a property of 100 years or more to broken only by the skyscrapers that seemed viable During the credit bubble.

A standard construction or property can be built quickly from prefabricated units section. The use of wood in structural elements often.

seen in the

Credit frenzy, Orlando was the preliminary plan, the financing and construction of housing, both on the local market and tourists. According properties and location of the subdivision increased 200-300% from 1995 to 2005 unprecedented growth in this market are not uncommon and seemingly limitless land to develop in the hat. The commercial development has been so crazy. Action Plans for “malls” and took small shopping centers road. In some parts of the city has 10 franchises Taco Bell in a radius of 1 km. All sectors of the real estate market, even in inner cities, we can say, provides much talk.


As for pricing, we will for the History of prices of a luxury apartment 2-room overlooking the city center with excellent tool zillo.com

The graph shows that such a unit that was off plan 0k, 0k now [or even cheaper navigate on the road] foreclosure sales prices.

Terms of Use potential to benefit from demand City solids. Circular 00-2000 should be scheduled every month, which result in health policy 12% or more.

Why would you buy? Well, the value Current low capital convincing is that the position of the device in the center, which enjoys a degree of rarity. This is an interesting statement.

Why do not you buy? Well, given the lack of confidence in the finance market is very difficult for the early years of the hold. It is good as a cash purchase, leverage is not so easy here. In addition, it’s not really clear where to go, the capital value, but investors for cash, according to a sustainable yield, this strong option.

The German market

Over 10 In recent years, property markets in the world prices of capital growth is generally between 200-300% by cheap credit and abundant power experienced. There are some exceptions to this trend, one of which is Germany. In Due to the reunification 20 years ago, the property market in Germany, particularly in the former East, has been operating out of step with other markets. speculation, fueled largely by buyers in western Germany a boom, which ended around 1996. As investors have driven the rents that is not accessible, the road gave the German market and went into decline from about 1996 to 2001. This was at the same time that most markets worldwide has seen its growth rate the highest. Prices have stabilized in most regions compared to 2001 and some capital appreciation in some areas, especially in prime locations in major cities like Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin.

Market characteristics:

The housing market is substantially different from other places, with a strong tenant laws and more typical residence. Typically, a home for the rental will be offered completely empty, without cooking, lighting or floor. The new tenant will be all their own furniture and stay for a longer period, usually an average of 7 years. Tenants have signed contracts for a period determined, but in fact to live after being hired, just to get out if they are not regularly make payments or the owner (or members of the immediate family), the unit to be filled. Tenants need to end a period of 3 months’ notice and repair and decorate the unit in a good condition during the expulsion.

Finance for nationals and foreign buyers generally 60-80% of its loans value. The level of funding, according to the client’s income and the rental value of the property. Typical rates are fixed for 5 or 10 years and about 1.3% above the swap rate € 5 or 10 years . Thus, prices are currently around 3% for 5 years and 3.8% for a fixed 10 years.

Typical price:

real estate, commercial and residential more per square meter and not by or rooms are priced. Therefore, the investments can be easily compared by size, price and location. Residential properties can be purchased on a single database or by purchasing a full block of flats. L purchase of a complete block tends to reduce the price paid per square meter. Some typical price per square meter in large cities, depending on the size and location:

Berlin – 1.000 to 2.000 Eur psmFrankfurt – 2,500 psmMünchen to 4.000 Eur – 3.500 to 5.000 Eur psm

locations in eastern Germany (Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, for example) have renovated the properties of PSM in good condition from 500 Eur. remarkable value and market the most underrated in the world according to the OECD. Situation with regard to the sustainability of the tenancy is to these sites is crucial.

As a residential example, is less than one unit 19 apartments in Leipzig. The purchase price is € 420k and a yield of about 12% is achieved net.

Typical yields:

In the same way that real estate is sold on the market is the property per square meter. The rent is often broken in rent to “cold” and “hot”, with the rent with the income of the investor and the monthly rent for all invoices, including Excluding taxes and property maintenance routine. Hire a cold start at approximately 4 EUR psm in regions with very low-cost cities in eastern Germany with cold rents in cities like Munich 12 psm Eur obtained above and in many cases. The yields range from 5% for individual apartments in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg to about 10-12% when you buy in bulk in places like Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. Berlin offers a full range of revenue and is a highly diversified.

Current Cost:

ownership costs are transparent and are relatively low. The majority of prints are made on the property taken from the “annuity hot” or settlement costs, and should not be included in computing income. This includes basic maintenance of buildings, cleaning public areas, building insurance and property taxes. The net rent, except for unscheduled maintenance, the cost of the rental management of the primary relaxation. A variety of fee structures for rental management, including a lump sum or a percentage of the apartment rent is collected. Rental management usually cost between 5-10% of net rents, according to the area and the load pattern selected.

The positive aspects of the investment climate:

hands-off investment – propertylettingNun regulated tenant long term, unfurnished and robust tenant and property management practices, yields high rental possible suitable for all types of good investor finance available at competitive costs and InteresseVerlässliche legal system of land registry transparent operating

negative aspects of investment:

laws robust tenant – a tenant can not not simply be removed if they do not pay their rent seinHohe cost (10-12%) Broadband Properties is subject to a forced sale may be problematic to deliver to market


very good yields, supported by sound legal system and high finance. Capital values ​​are very low compared to anywhere in the developed world. Really unfurnished offers substantial holdings in a relatively hands-off “way of being built in one.


In terms of property in Europe, excluding Germany, Investor returns have very few options. Markets are either stable, but the production yields of around 3-6%, or decrease the value of capital and difficult to predict the ground. Markets the euro area and Britain a few years would you say before entering the market for income and stability in the capital value. Places that have experienced huge capital is stabilized, however, and should in future years [with rising wages as an important index] should keep in mind. might be the following sites worth visiting in the coming years with a capital over the last 3 years is as follows:

Lithuania [ Vilnius, Kaunas] – 55% PreissenkungLettland [Riga] – 70% reduction in price, Ukraine, Kiev – price reduction of 55% below the yields of 8% + can be found in Sao Paulo, Brazil 8 1% Santiago, Chile 8.7%, Jakarta, Indonesia 11.1%, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8.7%

diligence here, the analysis should availability of financing to pay the interest and currency stability. No a good start to a yield of 10% if the rate is 12%, or if the currency weakens considerably to maintain for the duration of.

Good luck with your hunt for yield.

1 case real estate office? Find more information such as business Spanish Properties, villas and a bar in Spain

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

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Wed estate agency 1 case offers Spanish property for sale including off plan apartments, villas, commercial, and commercial coastal properties in Spain. It is mainly flat soles in areas of Malaga and Granada. It also has a selection of apartments in Spain and some buying opportunities for off-plan in Spain. If you want expensive Spanish homes, businesses for sale in Spain, the site of the sale price and purchasing commercial real estate Costa del Sol, they can help. If you want to buy a home, you must first make a decision to purchase Spanish property to build the house or for resale. You need to know about the location of the house. You need to think about the neighborhoods because they are important to you. Who wants to go home in the popular and is located near the city we have. They know it is much harder to build the house, if you need to buy property at prices lower. 1 case provides an optimal choice for cheap to buy a Spanish property. You all know that most properties have been by the access to the sea and the beach already built, which means you are forced to buy the building construction.

1 case is an organization that offers properties in Spain, as the family restaurant, Costa del Sol property, Costa Blanca Spain real estate, businesses for sale in Spain, Overseas Property, Villa Spain, bars for sale in Spain, and Many commercial real estate rental / sale in Spain. It helps to buy property in Spain at affordable costs. It offers Spanish property with a beautiful view and very good and near a large terrace at the client’s requirement and provides independent villas with pool. It gives you a very nice apartment in the heart of Puerto Banus, which is close to all shops, bars, restaurants, services, travel and the beach, and minutes to all villages in the region. Some new apartments with stunning views to see, ie very close to Gibraltar Selwo Park in Spain. 1 case helps you if you cheap Spanish property with individually designed and built with quality materials.

only 1 case gives you the best furniture for your home at the highest level of services. They have standards of quality, excellent service and value for money for you if you can not go anywhere else. 1 case guarantees the freedom to provide services for your life do you think of services tailored to your needs and offer quality and service, not expensive. After buying home with much money you have to buy furniture at low cost and high quality. 1 case offers quality and quantity of furniture for your home at minimal prices and home delivery of furniture with the cost of furniture.

Cash For Homes Real Estate Property Collingswood, NJ

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Tips for Successful Cash For Homes Real Estate Property Investment in Collingswood, NJ

Even during a real estate market slowdown, stagnation or depression profits can be made locally. This article shows you the top ten tips that real estate investor, DJA Properties LLC Westville NJ, apply to their real estate portfolio building strategy to ensure success from their cash for homes investments in Collingswood NJ.

1) Research the curve – the concept of a property market cycle existing is not myth it’s a fact and is generally accepted to be based on a price-income relationship. Check the recent historical price data for properties in the Collingswood NJ area you’re considering purchasing in and try to determine the overall feel in the market for prices currently. Are prices rising, are prices falling or have they reached a peak. You need to know where the curve of the cash for homes property market cycle is at in your preferred investment area.

2) Get ahead of the curve – as a basic rule of thumb, professional real estate property investors, DJA Properties LLC, seek to buy homes for cash ahead of the curve. If a market is rising they will try and target up and coming areas, such as Collingswood NJ, areas that are close to locations that have peaked, areas close to locations experiencing redevelopment or investment, like Collingswood NJ. These areas will most likely become ‘the next big thing’ and those who by in before the trend will stand to make the most gains. As a market is stagnating or falling many successful investors target areas that enjoyed the best levels of growth, yields and profits very early on in the previous cycle because these areas will most likely be the first areas to become profitable as the cycle begins turning towards positive once more.

3) Know your market – cash for homes who are you buying property for? Are you buying to let to young executives, purchasing for renovation to resell to a family market or purchasing jet to let real estate for short term rental to holiday makers? Think about your market before you make a purchase. Know what they look for in a property and ensure that is what you are going to be offering them

4) Think further afield – there are emerging real estate property markets around the world where countries’ economies are going from strength to strength, where a growing tourism sector is pushing up demand or where constitutional legislation has been or is about to be changed to allow for foreign freehold ownership of property for example. Look further afield than your own back yard for your next property investment and diversify that real estate portfolio for maximum success.

5) Purchase price – DJA Properties LLC’s cash for homes budget is set that will realistically allow to purchase and profit from that purchase either through capital gains or rental yield.

6) Entry costs – research fees, charges and all expenses you will incur when you buy your property – they differ from country to country and sometimes even from state to state. In Philadelphia when DJA Properties LLC uses cash for homes, there is a higher transfer tax than when a home is purchased in Collingswood NJ. Know how much you will have to incur and factor this amount into your budget to avoid any nasty surprises and to ensure your cash for homes real estate investment can become profitable.

7) Capital growth potential – what factors point to the potential profitability of DJA Properties LLC real estate property investment? If you’re buying to let out are there any indications to suggest that demand for rental accommodation will remain strong, increase or even decline? Think about what you want to achieve from your investment and then research and find out whether your expectations are realistic.

8) Exit costs – if you will incur substantial capital gains taxation liability if you sell your property investment for profit, will that render the investment profitless?

9) Profit margins – what levels of capital growth can you realistically gain on your property investment or how much rental income can you generate? Work out these facts and then work backwards towards your initial budget to work out your potential profit margins. At all times you have to keep the bigger picture in mind to ensure that your real estate investment has good potential for profit.

10) Think long term – unless you’re buying property off plan and intending to flip it for resale and profit before completion you should view real estate investment as a long term investment. Real estate is a slow to liquidate asset, cash tied up in property is not simple to free up. Take a long term approach to your property portfolio and give your assets time to increase in value before cashing them in for profit.

DJA Properties LLC purchases homes for cash in Philadelphia and Collingswood NJ. Contact DJA Properties LLC at www.866CashPaid.com.

Want to buy property – You need Professional Assistance

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

House conveyancing may be new term for many of us. Just to explain it in simple words we can say that it is the legal procedure of changing the ownership of any property. So you would ask that why do you need help in buying or property. When you buy a property then obviously you are buying it to use for residential property, as an investment or for establishing a business. Would you be happy to know that the money that you paid to the person for buying a property is not the actual owner?

You may be surprised to know it but yes this has become a common scenario in property dealing. The fraudsters would prepare fake papers of the property and sell it so many people just like you who do not have much insight into the legalities associated with buying property. House conveyancing helps you to assess if the person selling the property owns it legally or not.

When you plan to buy a property then the property vendors can examine the contract papers, obtain planning and rate certificates and can attend the property settlement of the deal. If you do not have mortgagee then arranging for the payment of the stamp duty, notifying the relevant authorities about the transfer of ownership and filing the documents related to transfer in the title office, are all taken care of by them.

House conveyancing is also very helpful for the sellers. If you are planning to sell your property then conveyancing would take care of the preparation of documents, examining of the adjustment of all the associated charges and notifying the concerned authorities about the change in the ownership. Moreover some of the property vendors do not charge any fee if your property is not sold.

People who want to put their property for auction must inform the coveyancer well in advance. This would help them to prepare all the required documents and arrange for all the required certificates. You cannot even think of the certificates you need for selling a property on auction. Planning certificate, land tax certificate, roads certificates etc are just to name a few.

Once everything gets finalized then property settlement takes place. All the involved parties must be informed about the day and date decided for the settlement so that all the parties are present at the time of property settlement.

VIP conveyancing is one such service provider who has been dealing with the technicalities of buying or selling property. You can take their assistance in or around Victoria. You can also contact them through their mail id or leave your contact details for them to call you. Experience counts in every field especially when it is a matter of huge amount of money. Things should be simplified and made clear in such dealings so that you do not have to suffer later. Make use of the experience and expertise of the experts and get the best possible deal for selling or buying a property.

Pointers on Purchasing a Property in Spain

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Check out this list of things to do and look out for before you purchase a property in Spain.  The list is easy to understand and should be followed with your lawer.  He is the one who will know where to do the digging for information.  We wish you well and good luck in finding your spanish dream home.

The Escritura Publica and Nota Simple

The Escritura Publica is the registered title deed of the property. It is entered in the ‘Registro de la Propiedad’, the Property Registry, and is the only guarantee of title in Spain. It contains a description of the property, the details of the owner and any mortgages or legal claims that exist against the property. This document is important because it tells you if the seller is the owner of the property being sold. A nota simple contains further details of any mortgages or charges against the property and is also available from the Registry.

The IBI receipt

Before purchasing a resale (not new) Spanish property check out the ‘lmpuesto sobre Bienes lnmuebles’, or lBI, which is the municipal property tax. Ideally, you’ll be able to see the IBI receipts for the last five years because that is the limit of liablity for unpaid back taxes and is attached to the property, not the owner. A new property bought from a developer will not have an IBI receipt (because it has never been ‘owned’) so it will be your responsibility to register the property for this tax.

The Referencia Catastral

Every property sale must quote the ‘Referencia Catastral’ of the property in question. The Catastro is another system of property registration in Spain, concentrating on the location, physical description and boundaries of the property. While the Property Registry focuses almost exclusively on ownership and title, the Catastro is concerned with property valuation.

These two systems do not communicate with each other, and it is common to find that the catastral description of a property differs greatly from the one in the Property Registry. It is a good idea to request the actual certificate from the Catastro with a full description of the property. The certificate is in two parts, one being a description of the property and the other being either a plan or an aerial photograph.

Community fees, statutes and minutes of the AGM

This only applies if you are buying a property in an urbanisation or where there are some ‘communal’ resources, shared amongst a number of properties. These are the fees charged by the ‘Comunidad de Propietarios’, the Community of Property Owners, a legal body that controls all the elements held in common; the lift, gardens and pool for example. Each owner is assigned a quota, or percentage of the expenses which, by law, must be paid.

Utility bills

These assure you that the bills are paid and also provide an idea of what the running costs of the property will be.


If you are buying a property in an urbanisation, make sure that it is legal and registered by asking to see the approved ‘plan parcial’ at the town hall. If the property is on the beach, make sure the development is also approved by the Jefatura de Costas. For a new property, make sure that it has been declared for IBI and that the developer has made the ‘declaracion de obra nueva’. Also ensure that the escritura mentions the house you are purchasing as well as the plot of land on which it stands. As an additional safeguard, it is wise to examine the town planning maps for the area around the property, called the Plan General de Ordenacion Urbana, or PGOU.

German Property Investment Tax Home

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

We know there are more pages of the German tax code that most other countries combined, it is possible to simplify questions and some return on investment, much easier to understand. This statement was expected to support with the first questions about taxes. The purpose of this memorandum is not a substitute for the work of a local accountant, the more you focus on your questions you ask.

Types of taxes:

Overall, is subject to tax in the following areas: local sales tax or property on the ground income tax or corporation Capital

Tax gain back then: Sale

This is a collection of apartment is fixed, no matter the price. Over the whole of Germany, except the tax of 3.5% in Berlin and Hamburg, the tax under 4.5%, clearly a good way to supplement the coffers of the city! Sales tax, stamp duty or VAT-free, it would be a little hard to be different, and is payable at the end of the transaction. It is customary for the notary supervised a contract for this complaint 14 days after the conclusion of the contract, so everything is in place before the end and there are no raids. Tax

Local land and property

This tax is usually done in each district of the city, and the land value of the base [typical examples]. The tax is levied on the estimated value of the basic federal rate of 0.35%. The amount is multiplied by coefficients to calculate the local final tax. The coefficient varies with the local municipality, but the average rate is 1.9%. It is paid for this tax in the low cost of rent paid by tenants as effectively and not be included in the rental income as long as property held in common. If the property is unoccupied, the tax is liable to the landlord. As an example of a property with an estimated value of 100,000 euros:

value = 100,000 €
annual base = 0.35% Levy
tax base = 350 € per year or 87, 50 € per quarter

Remember that thing is indeed living in the unit, actually paid the expenses of the tenant, not a cost directly to the owner’s return quoted on an investment.

Returns tax or corporation tax

Depending on how an investment is structured so that you will be liable to any person or entity producing tax net. In both cases, there are a number of concessions on income, including: finance

The value of all investment cons [but not the capital repayment element] cost of maintaining the property, including maintenance costs and other items verbunden.Die current investments such as trips to the ownership and management arise for depreciation


Here is a great achievement has been made for the notional value of a loss of property because of his age. The depreciation of the building permitted for buildings with land amounting to 70% on the cost of ownership. 2% depreciation per year for houses built since 1925 and registered 2.5% in real estate before 1925.

Corporation tax is a question, the best advice is to look, but in most cases, 25% is the income level determined after all allowances.

Control structures

It is a common issue to a new investor, as it should ensure the structure of investment vehicle, it is effective for tax purposes. The center of choice around the purchase of specific property or the structure of the company. First, it is important to note that the financing of the property is little difference, to use the structure. Security against the property and the income and capital positions of individuals or persons who are taken after analysis of a company. Thus, there are some limitations to this page. To be considered for this purpose, the aspects are:


amount of income you expect to receive in Germany, he should start a business or personal tax rates are less expensive?

What are the costs of starting a business, and annual operating costs of deposit accounts?

What are the differences with the responsibility of maintaining the property under a business as opposed to an individual?

Are there any aspects related to capital gains or inheritance, the impact on your plans?

It is really advisable to seek professional advice on these points. We have established a number of tax advisers to help international investors, so please call if you need this service.