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Hydroponic gardening organic vegetables – Introduction

November 6th, 2010 at 7:38

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Wed hydroponic gardening and plants in growing media other than soil is known to man since antiquity. It is known that during the time of King Solomon, the man-garden soil, the practice later known as hydroponic gardening

The word “hydroponics” is derived from two Greek words. “Hydro” which means water and “ponics” which means work. The principles of gardening without the use of land and many have been developed several years ago. Since then, this type of gardening shows some important advantages over conventional power plants in soil. One of the main advantages is that hydroponic plants 30-50% faster than plants grown under typical conditions in soil.

Traditional Organic gardeners always have a certain degree of contempt for the culture hydroponic gardening identify the type of effective and successful. Fans of traditional hydroponics gardening soil envision a kind of gardening chemicals. Organic gardeners have always been very pessimistic about the care of their plants with a balanced and calculated chemical, which is a common practice in the hydroponic gardener. However, this attitude of the gardener’s consumer and professional has changed hydroponics, according to Steve Fox showed his achievements in hydroponic gardening.

One of the most Important gardening hydroponic growing media is an inert material that provides a contrast in soil, no chemicals or nutrients to the plant. There are several types of media culture today. The examples are sand, gravel, coir, perlite, vermiculite. Amazing, but the air can be used as growing media for hydroponic cultures under certain conditions.

The biggest advantage of culture hydroponics is that it protects the fertile soil exhaustion. it is not the use of chemical pesticides and other chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment. In general, hydroponics can provide returns higher, and at the same time, allow the regeneration of fertile land for farming more.

While hydroponics gardening has also used some of the chemicals in food plant breeding all chemical plants, fertilizers and nutrients are in the closed area of ​​the hydroponic greenhouse and contained no spoil the outdoors, water and fertile soil.

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