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Livia Land

Living Room Design Ideas

September 13th, 2010 at 12:48


drawings online or mags impact on your living room accurate. Here


Here are some examples of the lives of popular ideas room design that you could online and in magazines for interior decoration:

1) A classic design -modern design is a typical life of room. Homes with the traditional view of contemporary and modern style generally relaxed feeling and texture of living space. If you already have a very sharp-edged geometric or obtained, toning and softening with textures is the way to do it.

2) design inspired by Hawaii’s not that difficult. Always remember the key elements: bold hand ornaments premises and accessories, wicker, bamboo, and of course the floral signature. If you like the Hawaiian sun, sea and flora, you can include these aspects if the requirements for the design of your living room.

3) Zen modern design is created for the cold and bring comfort to your living room. The proposed exhibition design is a very popular genre today would have, especially for people, balance and comfort in their homes. By focusing your living room and accents, the balance of style are the main ingredients. Embed a natural feeling through the opening of the hall and let the daylight in some rounded feel Zen.

4) brings in a tropical style exterior color palettes. The lush green and yellow tones of the natural flora are just two of the most common colors that you find in a “tropical rel =” nofollow “onclick =” javascript: _gaq.push (['_trackPageview', '/ outgoing / article_exit_link ']) “href =” http://www.rdni.co.uk/> stay . Choose colors that are natural as the color of trees, plants, flowers and fruits found. N’ Remember to induce a rainforest or a real market for tropical fruits to your design.

5) in the rooms of Victorian life are plush and elegant. They are usually found in a salon Victorian style houses in the Victorian inns. The key here is complex classical style with a touch of color and texture. Victorian style talk show of opulence.

What room design residence, you probably thought that it will meet your needs and lifestyle bin. Efforts to recover from a designer who knows how to deal with a limited budget and meets what you need to be consulted. And do never forget the design, you can choose to benefit for a very long time.

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