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The traditional conception of stay – from Grace and formality

October 19th, 2010 at 15:45

Fri If we think of the living room traditional design we often associate with large houses, hotels, palaces and hotels. The traditional view of exhibition also takes a lot of time because of the formal and graceful effect is given on the homepage.

1. Lighting is important in creating the ambience of your living room traditional design. Make sure you use the right lights to give you the desired atmosphere. The traditional concept of living calls for soft lighting give the room a dramatic atmosphere.

2. to help them use the right colors and fabrics, accent and brighten the room is also essential. Use bright material for your sofa and chair cushions. Accentuate the colors of your living room, using colors and repeated patterns on the curtains and fabrics. However, not only by sticking to a model in each room to exaggerate. Make sure your design is elegant and not redundant.

3. Place the sofa legs with the help of the sofa or custom tailored skirts give your room a traditional feel. Use cushions to meet the wooden chairs and arrange them accordingly, without the symmetry of the structure.

4. Wall color is also important. Choose colors that accentuate the design to help you. Avoid bold or dark colors for your walls when you get the open atmosphere of the room. The traditional concept of living calls for classic elegance, color hold well aware of keeping intact the atmosphere.

5. Choose furniture that complement each other. Avoid conflicting textures, colors and styles box. The furniture itself is part of the design style of traditional living room, so there is no need to exaggerate the choice of material. Purchase of furniture that comes in two or three, balanced style of design. This could be the lighting of the wall, sofa, armchairs and other small parts.

If you opt for the traditional lounge design, you should always keep in mind the issues mentioned above. Keep an open space, fresh and airy is particularly important during the day. Lighting the mood of the night and supports the furniture design style without invading.


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