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How to Plant a Cutting Garden

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Grow a cutting garden and enjoy flowers indoors and out

If you feel guilty when you cut flowers in your garden, worrying that you’re destroying nature or leaving gaps in your flowerbeds, it may be time for you to plant a cutting garden, says the American Association of Nurserymen (AAN). A cutting garden is designed to provide flowers for indoor arrangements, and it will give you a new perspective on removing flowers from your garden.

Choosing the Right Flowers and Plants

As with any garden, the first step in planning your cutting garden is to select plants that grow well in your part of the country. Ask the experts at your local garden center for their suggestions, and keep in mind your soil conditions, the amount of sun or shade your garden receives and how much it rains.

Selecting a Color Scheme

After you’ve decided which plants will thrive at your site, choose a color scheme, whether bright and vivid primary colors, soft and muted pastel shades or dusty earth tones. Since the purpose of a cutting garden is to grow flowers to use indoors, think about how flowers of certain colors will look when you place them in main rooms of your house.

Finally, plant flowers and plants in such a way that no one will notice that you frequently forage for new material for your indoor bouquets. One way to achieve a continuously balanced look in your cutting garden is to group your plantings by color, so that when you clip several blue flowers one day and several yellow flowers another, the overall appearance of the garden is still one of continuity and growth.

You can also fill in around your flowers with shrubs and larger, bushy plants that can easily spare a few leaves or berries, as well as plant a mix of perennials, annuals and bulbs so your garden will bloom all year ’round.

This garden plants

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

If you approve of opportunities for you or your children gifts of the extended family to offer, or simply as gifts that are looking for a personal item to give them, then here’s a suggestion or two for you.

If you are looking for a gift for the gardener of the family or someone who has recently moved in her own home, someone in an apartment or a unit or a person who can not manage to field a full size, or a family member whom he loves, with fresh ingredients, etc. So why not consider giving them something to cook in the garden? Here I am on the plants you are talking about sharing your own garden plants.

There are many plants in the garden, the average may be divided or the course itself is layered. Where would you go along and have a pot of Article rooted they could, and with a little trim planter, creating a nice gift for someone you love.

These plants include many herbs and perennials or shrubs and even some trees that manage to send branches to self-release layers or the root system. Some perennials or bulbs increase in size or number of bulbs over time. Chance seedlings coming in the wrong place for you, can be used easily. All these offer the possibility to create a wonderful cost gift for someone else.

First, you have a number of pots with plastic ones go to the left of the entrance into the garden population, or someone you know, or you can go buy a plastic pot / ceramic / clay, etc. as needed. If the person you give the plant is not a real gardener, then you might think to take a pot with a water well to increase the soil to plant survival.

Then you need to start looking for your plant material to examine carefully around your garden on the ground level. Watch the plants show multiple stems growing from the floor. Or sprawling plants where a branch was based on the ground and took root along the branch, maybe one where a branch has become buried under the mulch.

Or where there is a sucker growing from the ground a short distance from the parent plant. Another possibility is seedlings growing in the garden of a distance from the parent plant material. Maybe there’s a bunch of plants or a big patch of bulbs, where you can make a division.

Many of these plants benefit from sharing or being allowed some more growing space in the particular area where you removed some of the material.

Different parts of Australia have a different number of plant species that have adapted to this form of self-propagation. If you can not find all the plants can be stored in your own garden, why not watch a friend or in the neighbors yard. Or you could maybe join forces and provide a joint presence with plants of another member of the family garden. Or another possibility is a plant in a pot that has several plants already established in their purchase.

Divide the half in front of you use in your own garden, and still have half to repot and give. Even if you are unsure of your gardening skills, you can always pick up plants at low prices on the market, the local church school fair / flea markets, etc. repot in a larger pot or more pleasant for a pretty cheap now.

Another option is multi-plant a few different plants in a long or large round tub. This garden will be an immediate transition. Some topics you might consider here is herbs, foliage indoors, bulbs, annuals, alpine / rock, cacti / succulents or even annual mix of patio and garden perennials.

It is the best on the ground around the plant you’ll be working very well before you do the border, as this will remove the maximum amount of root mass during the wet ground.

The first step is to divide the clump or cut the branch members at the plant separately. Then with a shovel to dig, fork or gardening trowel, so far from the plant potential as possible as this will be the largest root mass.

how far you think you need (this will depend on factors like the size of the new facility, the type of feedstock, type of soil, plants or landscaping materials to others around the area, etc.. ) As gently as possible to excavate the new facility. Shake off excess soil and fill the resulting hole in the ground if necessary.

Reduce the foliage of the new facility at approximately the same size of the root ball and tried to protect some of the growth of new leaves. Repot as soon as possible so the roots will wither and die.

Another thing to consider is the type of pot you are going to the plant if it is just a plastic pot, then you do not need to prepare before. However, if you look at the painting, that before digging.

When the paint pots, you have to want to stick to certain preparations for the right colors. plastic pots should be roughened surface with sand paper. While some terracotta pots must have a base coat to the outer surface before painting. Try not to finish or paint the inside of the pot, because if most usual, there are colors that chemicals which affect or contaminate the soil and plants over time included.

Other possibilities for decorating up pots are easy to pack paste on pieces such as stones, tiles, buttons, sticks, shells, jewels, ribbons, stickers and decals, etc. Other ways of decorating a pot for the first presentation the pot (not the actual work), or with wrapping paper, cellophane, material, a cloth or cheap burlap. Hold these wrappers in place with twine, ribbon, bandana, scarf, etc.

Other means to increase the value of the potted plant is growing information and name tags for the plant / s are included. Add other foibles, you must include a personalized name tag, (Hi, my name is David …), the Diffenbachia or little watering indicator, miniature hand tools, small amounts of fertilizers, ornamental pot, watering can, etc.

So as you can, creating a very personal gift to be easy for anyone within each range. Why not go into the garden and think about what you present for Christmas this weekend to prepare.

Stunning Contemporary Garden Studios

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Garden studios and garden offices are lifestyle buildings or offices that are set up in the garden. This is generally targeted towards those who wish to work out of their home but not in their home, at their own convenience.


There are multiple benefits of Garden Studios or Garden lodges. Besides the fact that it allows you to work from the comfort of your home, you also get to work in a very beautiful place as the office is built after a careful site survey. The garden surrounding your office offers you a spectacular view, as the company building your garden office will also help you design your garden as well. The garden studios can be personalized according to your needs. You can set it up in such a manner that you enter your garden office by walking through a winding walkway. The serene, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at your garden studio will be absolutely amazing. A little bit of customization can turn your studio into a guest room or even an extra bedroom. You won’t feel the need to return to your home.


Women who need to work and also look after their family would greatly benefit from these garden lodges that can serve as a home office for them. Besides, those with disabilities would love to work in an environment where everything has been personalized according to their needs, in addition to the fact that the surroundings of the office are so spectacular. The horror of daily commuting to the head office, thanks to traffic congestion or unreliable train services is the chief concern, apart from other issues. Not only are modern parents keen to spend more time with their kids, but most of us are looking for a better work/life balance. There’s more to life than making money, especially if you’re doing it for other people – and much more to working than being a cog in someone else’s machine.


Gardenlodges.co.uk offers the best services to construct garden studios in the UK. Each studio is built to meet the exact requirements of the individual. The customer’s tastes, preferences and needs are all kept in mind while constructing garden studios. Gardenlodges.co.uk doesn’t compromise on the quality of their products and offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. They also provide excellent after sales service. Maintaining good customer relations is another plus point of theirs. Constant interactions between the customer and the representatives of Gardenlodges result in the final quality product and service. Another special feature offered by gardenlodges.co.uk is that they conduct the Site Survey, free of charge. This helps the client to understand and then determine the exact nature of the product that he/she would like to purchase.

Interior Hydroponic Garden: With Clones For a Quick Start

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Clones or cuttings from your favorite plants is the best way to perpetuate their existence. It is also the best way to start up a hydroponic garden. For example, I had a very prolific plant Rosemary growing on my kitchen window. However, there was dirt and I really do not like dirt in the house. I took cuttings of health and ended up with three new clones, which I planted in a LECA (small balls of clay) mean in my hydroponic garden inside.

With a hydroponic garden, you can always fresh with new clones. You must never without an herb, flower or vegetable special that you really like, again and again. Here are some tips to get perfect lighting for your indoor hydroponic garden clones.

However, if you start planting, clones need daylight after rooting. It’s a good idea, with a low intensity and diffuse light from sources such as T-5 or T-8 fluorescent tubes to start. In the early days, the cuttings do best with only one or two 24 watt strip on top of standard 10 “x 20” pan spread plants in your hydroponic garden inside. You can gradually increase the intensity a few days after lowering the lights near the dome of propagation. However, the temperature does not houseplants bit in your hydroponic garden to 85o increase CF/29o inside the dome, after this adjustment.

Once roots develop, you can change the HID lamps are primarily red and blue, growth stimulating spectra. metal halide lamps, grow lights should be used for vegetative phase of growth of plants in your hydroponic garden inside. metal halide lamps, rear light spectrum bright lights in the blue and white, which mimics effective to produce a typical summer day. Vapor lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, light emissions in the red spectrum, which mimics the angle of the sun in the fall produce. If your plants are ready to bloom, you must pass the metal halide grow lights, sodium vapor light of your high pressure in your hydroponic garden plants.

condition of your equipment to the bright light in your hydroponic garden plants by gradually decreasing the distance between plants and lights. After a few weeks should encourage your plants to be able to very bright light, this degree of healthy, robust and fast growing plants in your hydroponic garden inside handle.

A hydroponic garden are a source of great joy and astonishment of all, you started it and the fastest of clones or cuttings. As summer draws to a close, take cuttings from the garden and start new plants for your indoor hydroponic garden. Teach children what you do, and they can share the magic of the starting point for new plants for your hydroponics garden plants.


Why do you need a professional and secure Garden Office

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

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Sun Garden offices are specially designed offices in the garden of a person. It offers a very comfortable atmosphere for those who want to work from home. away from home just a stone’s throw, you get the same comforts of home to work without the experience usual distractions. New mothers, a person with a disability, a person whose head office is far away, or even someone who simply wants to work from home could benefit from a garden studio at home. A garden office or to introduce blends beautifully with the garden and in fact makes it even more attractive. The materials used are environmentally friendly. You can not only home to the garden to work, but also convert a room or an extra bedroom if necessary.

The varied selection of garden offices available gardenlodges.co.uk is one of the most comprehensive available on the market. The flexible and modular structure allows you to customize the desktop to suit your needs and also to tailor to your beautifully landscaped garden, must be adequately solve all your gardens. The garden is built gardenlodges.co.uk Office so that you stay in them and can all year without problems. A very small amount of heating is necessary and it’s the same with air conditioning. Electricity consumption is minimal. Respect for the environment is highlighted in the construction of the garden office. The materials used and technique that both attach importance to this fact. Provisions to add a bathroom or kitchen, you can use your garden as a mini home office.

The office furniture, see gardenlodges.co.uk are designed to maintain the standards of building regulations in the United Kingdom. Each office gardenlodges.co.uk garden is constructed after a thorough study of local conditions and taking into account other aspects such as a garden fence. They are also carefully insulated and double screw. Environmental factors are also during the construction phase and larch environmentally friendly coating used to consider the construction is complete. Cedar shingles are used not only for protection, but they spend too soft over the years. Excellent sound insulation is provided that you can not worry about his beaming is extra and assured the passage of natural light.

How to Start a Garden

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

How to Start a Garden

Planting a garden can be easier and more enjoyable with these gardening tips

Planting a garden, whether it is a vegetable plot or a flower bed, is an adventure where your creativity and patience are put to the test! You are directly responsible for the beautiful rose blooms or the delicious tomatoes that develop in this section of the land. Therefore to have the most success you need to determine where you plant!

The location of the garden should be determined by several factors: sunlight, soil conditions, water and wind exposure. Take notes on when this area of the yard is exposed to sunshine. This can determine which plants will thrive there. Test your soil to see if conditioners are needed to bring it up to optimum growing conditions. Pay attention to whether water collects in this section of the lawn. Some plants do well in soggy locations, but most need well-drained soil. Strong winds can dry out soil and plants, so try to locate the plot out of direct winds. Once you have determined where you will create your garden masterpiece you are ready to select plants!

Choose plants that will grow in your zone. Although you might have your heart set on a certain flower or vegetable, if your climate or garden location won’t support this choice, you will inevitably be disappointed. To avoid this, choose plants that are meant for your growing zone (ideally native plants), and disease-resistant and drought tolerant plants. Ask the employee at the nursery for assistance in selecting these. Be aware of the future size of each plant. A tree planted near a house will eventually provide shade, but it could also be a hazard during storms.

Plan out what flowering plants you would like for the seasons. Most perennials only bloom for a short time, so by mixing in some annuals there will be constant color in your garden. By having seasonal color you can change the look of your garden and create excitement and personality!

Now that you have your garden location selected and your plants purchased, you are ready to start digging! What tools are required to get things started? These include:

Rake: for seasonal cleanups and spreading/leveling soil

Trowel: for transplanting and weeding

Shovel: for digging, scooping, spreading compost and planting

Hoe: for chopping weeds and tilling soils

Pruners: for clipping flowers and pruning trees

Garden Gloves: for protecting your hands from blisters and dirt

Garden Hose: invest in a top-of-the-line hose that will resist kinking, is flexible and coils easily. Invest in high quality tools. They will last longer and are more durable than their cheaper counterparts.

Have fun starting a garden. Don’t try to create a masterpiece your first year-build up to it. Select a few choice plants that are more expensive. The rest can be less expensive, smaller complementary plants to round out your garden. Gardening is our nation’s number one leisure activity so go out and have a good time in your own piece of earth!

Mulch and feed your garden for Free

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

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Tue throwaway society today, there is absolutely no reason to go out and buy mulch for your garden, except for special aesthetic, ” The Look, “because of the mulch.

Did you know there are a number of mulching materials that you can around your own community who are free, some even still, you come for nothing.

Can not tell you. Well, I mulch my gardens strong enough, and I never pay a penny for mulch. In fact, most of the mulch is often delivered to my house for free. As the former owners are only too happy to see her back, because they cost money, time and effort to get rid of other ways to find it.

I also have these outside sources of mulch combined with my own compost, weeds and other body tissues to obtain a good result in my garden, mixed, and so all it cost me time and effort.

So what am I saying? Although some of the below list is free, provided that other things, I suppose themselves, with time, circumstances, etc. are important

Cuts others in the region or lawn mowing contractor.

Wood chips from local wood turner and wood carver, (Do not use treated wood shavings).

Small amounts of solid friends to fill the excavations. This is to help increase the use of beds in my heavy clay soil.

Light pruning of shrubs, which is shredded by me or in the garden />
Heavier sticks and logs, in the trellis, garden stakes, garden edges, chairs, picture frames, planters turned to the registry, etc, then they break down slowly.

Newspapers, cardboard, carpet underlay, rubber and non-and even carpet tiles. Which is placed under the mulch to prevent weeds and other grass regrowth />

Make garden of a family event

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

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Tue Show them how much you enjoy gardening. Spend time in your garden. It is very easy to promote the welfare of the child if they give you pleasure to see.

You make gardening easier. Do not expect a perfect garden. Make your family at their own pace and in their attention span and age of work, particularly children.

Dig it! Children love to dig. This is a great way to teach fundamentals while they play and play.

Let them play an active role in planning. Take your kids to the local nursery and let them get seeds or transplants to start her garden. Take your time and lets you navigate and enjoy all the beautiful plants.

Growing a garden theme. This is a great way to get your children use their imagination and creativity. The sky is the limit. Some good ideas are gardens to coincide with the holidays, alphabet gardens, a garden in her favorite colors, a sensory garden theme, where you can learn the different smells, tastes, textures and sights, or a “Freedom Garden”.

Giving children their own “child size” tools. You do not have to be expensive. You can use an old spoon and a bucket that you have around the house or venture out to the garden center and go buy gardening tools for children.

Give them a place to call their own. It should not be large. They teach ownership and responsibility, and your children can ready for their own space instead.

Get smart! Press and dry flowers to make a beautiful arrangement to make potpourri, or make a pomander ball. Kids love things and crafts and gifts from their garden.

Grow can create a vegetable garden be surprised. Your children will marvel that they grow their own food. Make sure to use organic pesticides.

Using gardening refresh your kids math and science. They intend to plant seeds among themselves, or teach them how plants alive. Not only do you get their attention, you’ll be polishing their skills as you.

a contest. Children like to be rewarded. Make sure to give each child a reward, the largest tomato, the most beautiful flower, or perhaps the grass tastes better (a little Spray-N-Grow helps!)

not try to do everything! Select a few of these tips that you know is best for your family and have fun with them. After all, gardening should be easy and fun. And with a little help, which can benefit the whole family.

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Garden Bird feeders systems very best used

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Garden Bird Feeders changes the outlook of your house. The magic formula to some wholesome, interesting and clean house is with the reputation of a well-arranged garden. Visitors will likely admire the beauty of one’s property once they observed the arrangement of this garden- filling like flowers, vases, landscape and far more decorations. . The discomfort each morning as you awaken is really breathtaking as well as going house tired from your office or schools. It would be more attractive if you add the presence of favorite lovely birds in the corner of your garden.
Using Garden Bird Feeders is crucial. You have to choose if what kind of bird to pull towards you, if it’s the nature birds flying over the sky or the one that is in the cage and bought from bird stores. Gardens will appear a lot more normal, desirable, beautiful and unique with much more birds in cage. Take good care of them as if they are a treasured possession of your respective personal. They have life and want too, and to use a total living in providing them points for their ease and comfort, will make them stays longer and survive within the surroundings that you just prepared for them. Numerous factors and items that may assist them likewise as include beauty for your garden atmosphere are bird houses, decorations, birdbath for pole and bird feeders.

You are able to say that you simply can take advantage of any containers accessible with your residence to feed the birds as part of your gardens. Without a doubt! {You can but could you imagine how it looks like?|! You are able to but could you consider how it looks like?|You are able to but could you imagine how it looks like? {} Well, for professional garden lovers, they will make sure that everything are properly arranged, looks good and pleasing because birds is like human they have to eat clean foods in order to have a healthy body.|Well, for specialist garden lovers, they will ensure that everything are correctly organized, appears good and pleasing because birds is much like human they have to consume thoroughly clean foods to be able to have a nutritious body.|? Effectively, for specialist garden lovers, they are going to make sure that every thing are correctly organized, seems great and pleasing simply because birds is like human they have to eat thoroughly clean meals so that you can possess a nutritious entire body} Garden bird feeders aren’t appearing being garbage scattered in your garden area in various styles, types, sizes, and colors that match your desire and likes as well as attract birds.

Although, there are more than a few types of garden bird feeders that can procure from man stores selling with a good quality kind of yield such as Tube Bird Feeders, Specialty Feeders, Globe Bird Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders, Exotic Bird Feeders, Suet Bird Feeders, College Bird, Feeders, and even feeder accessories. Under these styles of bird feeders arrive in various varieties with exclusive designs that certainly you will really like as well. Here are some from the suppliers of garden bird feeder solutions on the internet; Ayosdito.ph, BackyardChirper.com, collectively Juliensgarden.com, A&B Casting Garden Ornament Co, LTD and far more.
Moreover, in China you can come across lots of companies who supply this kind of items but it truly is not hard to purchase these garden bird feeders because these are offered worldwide and you are able to look these on the near store inside your place. Make sure to find and select the unique one that you can enjoy collecting them now and surely it will become your habit after you see how it change your garden’s view and birds love them too.

Important Choices in Choosing the Best Garden Sheds in Ireland!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

We Seriously Recommend You Take Just a Few Moments to Read This Before You Buy Your Garden Shed…

You Might be Very Glad You Did!

When it comes to choosing the best garden sheds for your garden, whether it is for storing gardening equipment, the children’s bikes and toys or for your household tools, there are a few things you absolutely must take into consideration before you make your final choice.

1. What is the garden shed for?
The most important thing you need to decide is what you will mainly be using the shed for. Is it just for storage, or do you intend to use it as a potting shed, a playhouse, or as a workshop perhaps? This is important not just for estimating the size of the shed required, but also from the perspective of adding extra windows, or a veranda such as those found in garden cabins. Be sure to consult with the other members of your household, just in case they have other plans for using the shed that you may need to take into consideration.

2. Will the shed fit?
Once you have a fair idea of what the shed is for and whether you need to add any extra features, you can estimate the size required. Measure your garden, and the location where you intend to put the garden shed. Mark out the area and check it carefully to see if there are any potential access problems, or whether the shed will block the light from important areas of the garden and home, such as near a window. Always check the measurements as if the door of the shed is open to make sure you can get things into and out of the shed without problems. Have you left sufficient room around the shed to be able to get around it for inspection, maintenance and lost toys…!?

3. What size do you need?
Of course this will depend on how much room is available in your garden. Many modern houses have small back gardens and you will not want to take up any of this precious room with large sheds. In these cases you should opt for a neat, small size shed where possible. However, do bear in mind that the amount of stuff that people tend to store in their garden sheds tends to be far more than they first anticipated, so unless you are constricted for room, it is better to choose a size that is bigger than you originally think you need. This is particularly relevant if you have a family, or a large garden. Simply by upgrading your lawnmower in a few years you could require a lot more extra room, not to mention the odd bike or two….

4. What finish is the best choice?
The wood used in the construction of the garden sheds can vary depending on how the timber is treated. There are various options available. The most common choices are

Rustic & Rough: This is where the wood is in both untreated and unplanned and has a rough finish. These sheds are usually the cheapest choice, but will need regular maintenance.
Smooth Finish: this is untreated wood which has been planed smooth for a more attractive finish. These will require treating with preservative every year or two to prevent decay.
Pressure Treated: This is where the wood use to construct the garden shed has been pre-treated with wood preservative under pressurized conditions to force the preservative deeper into the wood fibres. These sheds are obviously slightly more expensive than untreated wood sheds, but more than pay for them in both financial and practical terms as they require very little maintenance to preserve them from rot and decay, the main causes of sheds falling into disrepair in Ireland.

5. Who is going to build it?
That’s often the hardest question to answer. It might be that you are the kind of person who likes to give up their precious free time and spend their weekends trying to put together the bits and pieces from the plans. Perhaps you have friends or relatives you could enlist, who might know what they are doing, but beware the enthusiastic “amateur expert”. The best option is to deal with the professionals. You can choose garden sheds suppliers who also includes assembly as part of their service. That way they come with the right tools for the job, the entire structure is up and finished in a few hours, ready for you to use with no fuss or effort on your part.