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Tips for the design of the interior can

December 29th, 2010 at 16:41

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That the appearance of the interior of the home you have decided the following guides are useful and common, which is for testing whether you are successful in the interior to clean the inside of the house.

The choice of color inside design

Color, to have inside the house, will determine the final setting, a room will take to coordinate all the accessories and furniture in it. Also, remember that whatever color you need to decide, you have to live with this special room for a while. For professional interior designers and artists have always a hint of color. Color maps are excellent tools to determine the color settings and color matching. With a color card could reduce the time to research magazines, books and catalogs.

Create the illusion of space in the interior design

There are several tricks that way even if most of them know what you play with light and lighting to do. The principle is light colors tend to display in a larger space, while darker colors give the appearance of limited space. So whenever possible, natural light. If the room is small in brightly colored hues of light. Free use of artificial lighting. An old trick is to use special mirrors in small rooms to create the illusion of interior design in this larger space that is actually created. Accessories that seem to float, chairs with longer legs, support the use of transparent / translucent objects continue to create the illusion of space.

Create a focal point within

Emphasis is placed on the item or furniture in a room where you want to fix the attention. It is very important to have a focus in a room or area in which each design factor of each work of art, and create each piece will run. Without a focus, the play is not an impression of solidity. Without them, the unity and coordination of design, regardless of beautiful or expensive pieces are lost. The focus could be a fireplace, a painting, a view of a room or just a beautiful precious thing, where you draw attention, it would be. The highest point is created, it is much easier, or any part of the design space.

Not much

One of the most common mistakes in decorating is the temptation to all the wonderful things over the years gathered for display. The space is very expensive. If there are too many details and decorations in the interior design, living space is next to the room is endangered fat, slimy, and uncoordinated and uncontrolled, although the most beautiful parts of her lost luster, and the position of importance. Good interior design practice, it is not to overburden an area. When accessorizing, choosing only those that coordinate well with the whole concept of experience, with so much and you will be in effect they are unless you save a lot of space to be surprised.

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